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So I probably shouldn't be able to online shop during lockdown because for me it means new equipment consumables(mostly belts for my new 2x72 and my 12 inch disc) and steel all costly enough as we all know. But this one was a bit different I've been wanting to make a knife or something a bit larger using a combination of bloomery iron, hearth steel from previous smelts ,and i wanted something a bit different so here we are at the point of the story. I just got a campo meteorite piece delivered to my door. Its about a 3 pound or 1450ish grams.


What I would like to do is take a few slices off one side and forge it while maintaining the integrity and if possible the widmanstatten pattern on the remaining part. That would be for future projects.


Anybody have success cutting something with 6% nickel alloyed I imagine it'll chew up bandsaw blades





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Campo is pretty soft, actually.  I assisted Chris Price in cutting up a similar chunk at Fire and Brimstone 2012 and the bandsaw had no problems at all.  The meteor itself is kind of crumbly, though, so expect to lose about a third of it to bits falling off.  Use plenty of oil and go slow, it won't hurt the Widmanstatten pattern on the remaining chunk that you don't forge.  Although IIRC the pattern in Campo isn't that great in most chunks.  Hopefully you got a good one, it's pretty darned cool when it does show up!  I'd love a nice big hunk like that.

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I wouldn't have thought it was soft.It was surprising wasn't super expensive and it was listed as wide bands so probably wouldn't be great but ill definitely check before I do anything to it. Thanks you should check into it they are fairly low priced if they have already been sliced but not etched

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