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My classes for making mosaic damascus were so successful this year that I will be doing them again next winter.  In addition to offering the two day/two student damascus classes, I have decided to make available some one-on-one classes as well.  


These will be advanced classes  for experienced bladesmiths only.  The main goal in these classes will be to instruct you in making knives like those of the famous 19th century makers.  Since these classes will be personal tutelage type classes the length & subject matter can be varied to personal tastes.  [Prices will be determined  by the length of the class & cost of materials.]  In each class you will complete (or at least close enough to complete at home by hand sanding) the 19th historic style knife of your choice.  My schedule allows for up to 2 classes/month available in Jan, Feb, March & April.


Possible classes to be offered for next winter include: 


1)   Making an authentic D-Guard Confederate Bowie-- 3 days

2)   Making an authentic 19th century style straight guard Bowie (choice of different makers signature styles)--3 days

3)   Making a quillon dagger with fluted & wire inlaid handle--5 days

4)   Making a James Black style knife w/authentic hilt--5 days

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