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5th century scramasax


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Hi people,

We found this 46 cm long blade scramasax with the notched top in a well-dated burnt layer of the mid-5th century CE excavations at a site on the shores of Haifa (Israel). The named Shikmona but it's probably ancient Porphyreon. 

It's very unusual to find this king here and as far as I've checked the most similar ones would be Frankish style short swords. It's not a Viking type nether we have them here so south.

Any ideas? Much appreciated. BTW it was found together with unfamiliar bident as well.




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That abrupt angle looks like a broken blade rather than the deliberate angle of a brokenback seax, and the tang is on the short side as well.

Is it single edged?

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Though hard to say for sure but it looks like an intact top. Our metal conservator is among the best at the field with very healthy instincts and experience as archaeologists as well, so I trust his opinion as well, being a single blade and complete top.

The sword is in front of me and when you feel the notched top and the single blade it seems indeed narrower than the upper part. Never the less, I must admit I can't be sure. Recall that similar swords do exist just few centuries later. If the top is broken so of course similar Byzantine types are available.





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