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Need ID on Axe Head


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Hello, I've found this axe in clump of mud that was extracted from the river bed, handle is rotten away and only a bit of wood scale remains. I can't find anything about this axe head shape, does anybody have an idea what could it be? Axe had a layer of scaly and thick rust that I removed with wire brush. Beard seems unusually long.


Feel free to move the topic in case its in the wrong section.



Length: 29cm / 11.5in

Height: 16cm / 6.3in 



1650g / 3.6 lb



Croatia, Southeast Europe


HD Images:





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In the southern part of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire they made lots of interesting carpentry axes with long beards, sometimes even upswept beards.  Many of them are hewing axes, sharpened to a single bevel, but double-bevelled ones like this are common as well.  While it bears a superficial resemblance to a Viking bearded axe, it is not, nor is it a battle axe.  Just a nice lightweight carpentry axe, possibly for shipbuilding.  The date could be anywhere from the 17th century to the early 20th century.  I lean towards mid-19th century, myself.  It looks well made, but not decorative enough to be much older.

Note I am not an expert on Croatian axes by any means!  It is just a fairly common type of light carpentry axe found across Europe.  

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Thanks for the answer, I thought that it was a hewing axe but blade seemed a bit on the shorter side. There was a huge fortress construction in the 18th century near the spot where the gravel was extracted from the river bed so I guess that it could be from there. Logs were probably brought via boats since the fort is on the river  crossing and I guess some guy accidentally dropped it in the river where it sunk in the mud and got preserved while the handle rotted away or was torn away when it was extracted from the river bed. 

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