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Finally, properly testing the brownie pan, and I have a sweet setup(I didn't think i'd still be here, the firebrick was a mistake hehe)

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I already consolidated about a couple years worth of aluminum scrap, it was extremely fast, I have a liter crucible, and a wicked hot foundry, but I haven't properly tested out the predicted version of the brownie pan ingot caster(the other one had a separate bottom that kept leaking, not flush, especially with the sand). 

I'll get back with details when I'm done with the test, which is pretty promising given the results of the last test.

During last test, friend pulled out the divider prematurely and I got a pan of aluminum squares that were literally as soft as brownies, which was really funny to play around with, but the divider was free of anything sticking to it, which I hope is the case this time as well. I have a lot of information I could post on here, even after all the planning I still got things wrong, but not too badly, it's pretty cool.  In fact, I have a very interesting experiment I still haven't posted about involving black spray paint.  



I actually learned a lot of extremely useful information, I now know how bright 2300F is, I exceeded that and was too weak to let go of the magnificence of the near cast iron melting power of two inches of kaowool and an inch of firebrick with a good ratio of propane and air going into it.  I melted the firebrick I accidentally ordered the wrong temp rating of, but only the bottoms of the ones the blower was aiming at, thankfully. 


I also know that it's very important not to drop ingots in a near full crucible, it was accidental, but I know I'll be a lot more careful and get better tongs for putting them in there, I had a big splash and lost good chunks of my firebrick floor to the frozen pool of aluminum. 


And, I also know, at least without rust in the way(the charred paint seemed good enough, but I was wrong, and impatient for that anyway), that my brownie pan thing isn't gonna work, at least with the divider already being in there, I could've waited until the melt became, funny enough, like a pan of brownies before I put it in. 


And, I was unpleasantly reminded to make sure your pan isn't aluminum, I had a pool on the brick I set the pan on, and I have a bunch of landscaping rocks in now.  I am a lot wiser than I was going into the last melt, I sure as heck will not make those mistakes again, but I'm glad I found out why I shouldn't, it gets a better impression in my head for the future.


Pic #1:

Melted 2300F firebrick (I got them really cheap, so no big loss, fun testing it)

Pic #2: the sad failure of an aluminum pans to contain the overheated aluminum, witha brownie divider stuck in it

Pic#3: the aluminum that got all over the foundry after I dropped the aluminum muffin ingot.  




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