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Kitchen Knife as Blacksmithing Project

Niels Provos

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Here is the video I recorded on making a kitchen knife from just a round bar - integral bolster and everything. Let me know what you think:



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13 hours ago, R. Alex Dorris said:

I also like the tool you initially use to forge in the bolsters. What's that called exactly? I'd like to do some research and maybe build one


I think it's called a blacksmith helper. You could do the same thing with a spring fuller. That's how I used to forge them before.

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Another well done video, thanks so much for your time making them................B)

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                                                                                                        git the hell outta the way of people who do stuff   !!!

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Thanks, Niels, it fun to watch a pro at work.




WHEW!!!  If I could only know now what I "thought" I knew back then....................


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I was away from the forum for a many years so I’m slowly going thru the backlog of what has piled up since….Really good video Niels ,I especially got a laugh out of your patience comments at the end ….I also like the flatter with the tapered back you used in the power hammer…. I’m going to make myself one of those…. Thanks…..

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