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short sword/big knife

matt souza

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about 19"

Silicon Labelle 2 

leather over rayskin

stainless fittings green laquered


2nd photo is same blade, differential polish - i found it would require obsessive care to maintain - and it's my Daughter's.. 13, so

i would have kept it tho - but the blade was just too meaty so i scrubbed it to regrind - finished on worn 220 grit (?) lengthwise on the 6x48 w/a softener on the platen







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Seems to be a lot of blue in that blade. We’re there any Orcs or Goblins nearby? Wish my dad had given me a blade like that... probably best he didn’t :D. Looks nice.

"The way we win matters" (Ender Wiggins) Orson Scott Card


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honored, Alan

Thank you for your work on the forum.

i have to remember, i finished this about a year ago - the handle was made like so:

the guard and pommel are connected by sort of a frame construction, which gave the shape of the grip.

iirc i wrapped it with just a layer of rayskin, epoxied.

i laquered it with some automotive rattle can emerald metallic - along with the furniture (masked off the blade)

then i had to trial and error cut out an over-wrap of green deer skin.

I'll draw a picture, but picture a piece for a standard leather grip wrap, but with two ovals cut out -

so that when the wrap is applied, seam at the bottom, the two ovals will be windows on either side of tne grip for the rayskin to show through.

simple, not particularly easy to get the geometry, stretch and glue all correct in one shot - and I didn't.

I've always liked the look of fullered grips. this is sort of a visual simulation.

just an aesthetic thing, or artistic idea etc,  but it feels good & probably looks better in pictures until i practice the technique some more

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hope this clarifies

as for the blue, Charles - that's from a filter on my cheap phone, to bring out the details as the fuller isn't super crisp in person. 

I hope it's not too misleading - I'm probably wicked enough to get most any blade glowing, tho




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