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This is a little far fetched, but I am curious what you guys think.

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note: This is in in relation to furnaces(smithing and melting) that use a layer of kaowool in between the hotface and the outer wall.


I hear a lot of good things about efficiency being increased a fair bit as a result of a highly reflective surface being added to a furnaces interior, as it inhibits the absorbtion of infrared and other radiation into the walls which would, as a result, emit on the other side, and also conduct to the other side, greater amounts of energy that is instead being directed at the item you are trying to heat up. 

However, I wonder what would happen if the exact opposite, aside from it's insulative properties, of ITC-100 was applied to wherever the intended hotface would be going prior to adding said hotface, so that instead of a highly emissive surface that reflects anything that is reflected back at it from the outside wall of the furnace, you get a highly absorptive surface that emits less than the hotface, which I figure is at least somewhat designed to have high emission and reflectivity as a hotface would typically be designed to do.  I guess it would be better the focus was shifted to the reflectivity of the outer wall and whatever is between it and the hotface, because the castable refractory making the hotface is definitely a few steps down in reflectivity from ITC-100, but, it would be interesting to know how much improvement occurs as a result of a black coating on the outside of the hotface layer, which would be easier to apply if the hotface is firebrick like I have.  

I already tried this on my firebrick, and I quickly found out that the black pigment of the spray paint I used was either just carbon, or titanium oxide, which in one go was completely white again due to oxidation.  I, unless I find a source of something that stays black, won't be trying it again if it exceeds $10, it's just not worth it in my case, but, I decided I would share this idea and see what everyone else thinks, cause it's actually kind of cool to think about.  But anyway, thank you for reading this, I hope you have found this at least somewhat interesting, and have a good day.  

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Ok, this is getting a little old, I forgot a detail again.
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