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(Sold) Type III/IV seax knife


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The blade is forged from 1084, flat ground, and tempered three times.  The handle is made of oak, copper, silver, and antler.  The sheath is leather, silver, and copper.  All the metals minus the blade were smelted from scraps and hammered, filed, and shaped by hand.  There is easily 50-65$ in silver on this one.  It was a labor of love and I spent entirely too long on it.  It is handmade by myself and I'm very pleased with it.  It's sharp, accurate, and pretty! 





IMG_7868 - Copy.JPG

IMG_7869 - Copy.JPG

IMG_7870 - Copy.JPG


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It's a piece of kiln shelving and that particular picture is silver.  I use the kiln shelving as a replaceable forge floor.  Wrought and flux are hard on refractory.  It's a small piece that was broken and I ground a dimple into it.  I'm poor.

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