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DIY grinder 2x up to 72

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Forged my first knife in 10 years a couple weeks ago. Went well and started cleaning it up on my craftsman 2x42 grinder. I use this sander for all kinds of projects and it works well cleaning up cuts and rounding corners. For knives, it didn’t go well, so I moved into hardware mode. 
I made the tracking mechanism years ago, with the idea I could adjust the grinder to use various belt lengths. In this case I can go from 36” to 72” belts. Basically it is two wheel design with a 8” sunray contact wheel on the bottom, tracking on top and platen.  I went with a 1hp iron horse motor and pulleys for speed adjustment. The frame is 8020 extruded aluminum that I got from a previous employer that shut down. So the only cost was the wheels, drive train and motor, also $20 in bolts and such. 
It is such a pleasure to use after the craftsman and works like a dream. It fits my present needs well, and if I dive deep into knife making, I can always make a more traditional 4 wheel model. 
The pictures below are the grinder, which I will probably make a table for. The tracking adjustment and set up with a 42” belt for giggles. Just want to show off, wife just doesn’t get it. 




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I love the 8020 system.  We use it all the time at work.  I never thought of using it for a grinder frame though. I may have to do a little bit of pricing and see if its feasible. 

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The 8020 itself isn’t to bad price wise, it is the brackets, bolts and nuts that are pricey. You can always drill out your own angle and 1/4 inch plate to make your own and use 5/16 carriage bolts in the track with regular bolts. 

Here is a picture of the back of the tracking showing how it slides on and the back of the grinder. 



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