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My Ribbon burner Forge

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This is the 3rd time of firing up the forge making sure all castable is cured, would it be beneficial to apply Satanite the walls ? I know I don't want to cover the floor with it sense it is easily damaged by flux.  I still have not applied kiln wash either. I have noticed very little Dragons breath so far but I have not opened the needle valve more than 3 full turns.

On the safety side of things: I installed a 3/8  electromagnetic gas valve and a an air proof switch for safety should we loos power or the fan motor fail the gas will cut off. 

I have no tongs to yet to reach in to the forge, this will be my first project, to forge out my tools. hopefully 3/8 re-bar will work for this, pleas correct me if I wrong, If I'm wrong, I also have 7/16 spring steel. also still search for that "Anvil" 

I would love to here you suggestions and recommendations




7-3-20 Terry Way Gas Forge.gif


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If you've lined it with castable you don't need anything on top, unless you want to add an IR reflective coating like ITC-100 or Plistix.  These can get you an extra hundred degrees or so, but are not usually necessary.  

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