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Hi everyone! 


After having a fascination with knives, swords and blades for some years, I discovered Alec Steele on YouTube who took my fascination from a low burn, to a roaring flame! The stuff he made has me hooked, but I heard the odd mention of a show called 'Forged in Fire'.

Seeing some of the amatuer smiths that went on there and how basic and simple their setups were, convinced me that it's not 'too' difficult to get started. This lead to me finally getting my rear in gear and start getting the bits I need to start. 

After a year of a slow start, I finally have a working setup!! I have finally joined you lot! 20200630_182603.thumb.jpg.594490e046c52f3c2352bf431cc6a044.jpg

This is my first backyard setup! Basic, but proud of it! 

Had some coil spring from a van ready to get started on, got it heated and started hammering away at it. 




I had to make a spring for my post vice and a wedge for the bracket that holds it to the stump20200703_152347.jpg



And finally the last I shall touch of my first piece20200704_230523.thumb.jpg.cff6159580bb5b8dcbe80980bdbca194.jpg

Not gonna attempt to fit a handle as I feel that would be a RIGHT pain to try to attempt a hidden tang handle on what started as a "lets just heat and beat on this and see just how bad my aim is" practice piece

So all in all, I'm pretty happy with myself for my first setup and VERY FIRST FORGING SESSION!!20200703_152141.thumb.jpg.dd09b43d08ff53e41acb368579368bc9.jpg







Compulsory fail pic:20200703_152101.thumb.jpg.6bdf92fb8cb173dcbda04d5c275060b2.jpg

don't yet have soft fire bricks to block one end of the forge for heat retention. Turns out cinder blocks melt........these are used in buildings.........



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What Alan said.  Welcome and have fun, but don't have too much fun.  Especially if you have/want a family....:wacko:

RIP Bear....be free!


as always

peace and love




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On 7/12/2020 at 4:24 AM, Jeremy Russell said:

Talking about the cinder block... I hope a building fire won't get as hot as a forge will.

Same here, I know building fires can get bloody hot tho! Just hopefully not as hot as a forge

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