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A Scottish Dirk

Aaron Gouge

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So I do a lot of reading on this forum and occasionally ask questions. You all have been a big help to me in my blade making! So thank you for all your tips that helped me complete this project. 
     So many first on this one! Thanks Jake Cleland and Alan for answers to parts of the build that were totally new to me! 
      Blade is forged from the leaf springs of a 94 Chevy. Blade is 9 5/8“ long and 3/16 at the spine. Handle is Osage Orange from my fathers farm. So after 1 1/2 years I can call it finished!! 







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That looks mighty spiffy! A dirk is on my bucket list too. Nice job on the sheath as well as the knife.

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Thanks all for your positive feed back!! Josh I wanted to make a larger historical blade and the Dirk really caught my eye. My family was from Scotland a long time ago so I figured I’d give it a try!! Dirks are such a cool blade! 
   Alan the Osage was a bit of a bear to carve. This is the first carving project I have done in probably 17 years. Last project I carved was out of Bolivian Guyacan or Leguma vita as I think it’s called here. The shaping of the handle before carving was all done with a farrier rasp and then files. 
     I  may have to make a Shian Dubh to go with it!! 

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18 minutes ago, Aaron Gouge said:

Alan do you ever use Osage on your tomahawk handles? 


No, but only because I don't have any in the proper size.  It would be as good as if not better than hickory or ash for hard use hawks.  And heavier than both!  

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I was curious becouse it dose make a great hawk or hammer handle!! My dad he’s home with a woodburning furnace. His word choice is Osage Orange. I am always pulling pieces out that I think I can use when I’m visiting. Actually we were cutting out some Osage Orange today down in a gully so we could run some cattle fencing through. Picture of the trunk I’m saving! 
       I was just looking at your profile Alan to see where in the US you were located. Historically my family settled in your area Tennessee. I understand there’s quite a few Gouges in that area thought I don’t know any of them! Great grandpa moved to Illinois to farm but  when my grandpa retired from farming they bought a property close to Elizabethton. Both grandma and grandpa are buried in the family cemetery in that area. 


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Lots of good wood in that log!  Burns hot, too.


Yes, there's a bunch of Gouges around here.  I grew up in the Knoxville area where my family settled in 1786 or so, but I've been around Johnson City and Bristol for thirty-some years.  I'm about six miles from Elizabethton.

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