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Wood Stabilization Project

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This won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I thought I would share my progress on this as I go along.


My family spends the 4th of July holiday in Sheboygan every year, and we spend a lot of time walking along Lake Michigan.  Each year I look at all the drift wood thinking it would be nice to make some kitchen knives for us all to use that have driftwood handles from our trip.  However, drift wood looks cool as a piece of wood, but I've never thought it would look all the great as handle material.


I've been doing a lot of wood stabilization lately, and thought I should bring back some really punky pieces and see what is inside.


This is some of what I brought back sliced into 1/2" thick planks: (Toes left in the pic for scale :) )




It's not presentation grade ironwood burl, but I'll stabilize these, and then probably resin cast them to see what I get.  I'm pretty hopeful that I get some scales for a family kitchen knife with some meaning.


Stay tuned...

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