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A small riding sword

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Began on this one last Monday to see how fast I could make a decent piece.


Originally thought I was going to make a french style long dagger but as I worked my mind wandered as is usual :rolleyes:


It's overall length is 72cm with a blade length of 56cm. I wanted a stiff thrusting blade so the distal taper is quite minimal and linear going from 7mm at the guard to 3mm near the tip.


I did pay for that stiffness with almost 100grams more weight than I had aimed for at 746grams of total weight with the point of balance 5cm from the guard. It still feels so very light and nimble.


Just recently found a place I could buy solid brass wire wheels and that was my main excuse for brassing the guard and pommel to add a little bling and I think it goes nicely with the red grip.


The grip yes, my leather skills are still quite lacking as I prefer messers and their wood grips so far from perfect but it's getting better each time






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Just used an oxy acetalyne torch to heat them up for the brassing. The guard I brassed before mounting and peening it to the sword but the pommel after it was peened solid to the tang.


I like to have both the guard and pommel peened to the sword before setting the grip on. Not nearly as convenient as sliding the grip on and then the pommel but this way all the metal parts can be completely solid without either pressing the wood of the grip or risk having it rattle

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