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James Black Style Bowie

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I started this last week while waiting for a shredded tyre to be replaced. It is inspired by the Carrigan Knife, though I've taken a few liberties. Blade is differentially hardened 1095, a little over 1/8th" thick. Handle frame is fileworked 1095. Scales are 6000 year old bog oak. It has a sculpted nickel silver blade collar and back strap, folded NS bolsters, brazed NS scabbard mounts, and NS pins. The only metal fittings which aren't Nickel silver are the frame itself, the Sam Browne which is turned from mild steel and soldered in place, and a 0.3mm sterling silver washer between the blade collar and handle frame. The sheath is made from laminated heavy card from the back of a sketch pad, covered with goatskin. It's a take down construction, and the blade is dismountable for cleaning/sharpening. This ended up being a fair bit more difficult than I'd anticipated, but I'm pretty pleased with the result...


Anyway, pics:


.black 2.jpg


black 1.jpg


black 3.jpg


black 4.jpg


let me know what you think.



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2 hours ago, jake cleland said:

but I'm pretty pleased with the result...


As well you should be!  You caught the Black style, slightly stretched to make it your own.  The blade collar/wrapped under bolster thingies are much harder than they should be.  

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Jake, for my impression, I am liking the overall flow/shape/proportions better than the original. I wish better photos were available to see more details and roll the construction around mentally, (as if I could do something like this!) 
I thought pin placement on the James Black original was balanced/even, odd spacing you’ve chosen but it still works.

This is a really nice knife and sheath and I appreciate you posting it.

Kind regards, 

Gary LT

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