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Nordic Knives

jake cleland

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Just finishing up these as a commission from a friend for her twin brothers. Blades are iron serpents in mild steel with silver steel edges, about 4" long. Handles are boxwood, carved with two bands of dirk knot linked by a ring knot down the spine. One side of each handle has a view of our local mountain range, and the other has a bind rune for each brother's name. The knives have buffalo horn bolsters and lanyard bales, with a square plaited draw pull representing climbing rope, and copper spacers and brass pins.


cat 1.jpg


cat 2.jpg


cat 3.jpg


cat 4.jpg


cat 5.jpg


cat 6.jpg


let me know what you think...

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Jake Cleland - Skye Knives


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Jake, one is beautiful enough but to make a matching pair is pure talent and skill. Excellent art and function, something I hope to aspire eventually one day. I need some better carving tools for sure!

Thank you for posting all your work. 

Gary LT


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You hit it over the moon again with that pare of knives.  I'm sure those young men will be thrilled to carry  them.



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I am really digging that mountain motif. Your knotwork just keeps getting better every time. Ultra-clean work Jake.

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Jake - I agree with Alan, those are really a step above most work. I am impressed, and they will become heirlooms. Just what we want with our work. Nice ones.


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