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I have a few pieces of  4340. Roughly 6.5"  X 10.5" X cut to length. The longest is 6' and some shorter. The price is $1.25 per pound. It seems to be pretty consistently running #20 per inch. I have ready a #146, #144 and a #153. The not cut faces are pretty heavily mill scaled and require a fair amount of grinding to clean and true. Over 10.5" cuts would allow using my cut face, but would start to get pretty heavy.  Not sure about the state the steel is in. My bandsaw cuts it in around 2 hours per cut. Experimenting shows it will work harden. A pretty good lick with a slightly crowned hammer makes no noticeable dent, a good strike with a ball peen will make a noticeable spot that can be healed with about a minute of peening with the flat face. And the ball bearing drop noticeably improves on the peened area. A local pro ht shop quoted $75 to harden one face.


Ideally you live in driving distance of East Tennessee. Actually the very NE corner, 120 miles NE of Knoxville! 37618


I have no experience shipping heavy items, but willing to talk about it if you really want a piece. I'm 37618 and most of the trucking terminals seem to be around 30 miles away near Kingsport TN. Would pallet size have a big effect on shipping price? I could likely scrounge a pallet but if they need to be cut down, that could be time consuming. I have a banding tool. 







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I was curious about shipping cost on something this heavy. Randomly picked Yellow Freight (YRC.COM) because I know they have a terminal in this area. Looks like a #150 piece and guessing #25 for the pallet, would ship from NE corner of TN to Buffalo NY or Minneapolis MN for $124, $136 to Los Angles CA. This is assuming you would pick up at a terminal near you. I figured terminal to terminal since most of us don't have a forklift handy, and guessed about the pallet size.


I will find a pallet, and get it strapped on and deliver to local terminal at no additional cost. Some other company may have a better rate, as long as the terminal is within 30mi of 37618.


Been fooling around with that calculator some more. Looks like $124 is what it takes to get in the system. Picked a city as close as 120 miles, still coming in at $124 and it didn't seem to make a difference up to #300, and the pallet size didn't seem change the cost.

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Yeah Michael, 

I wish I would have had this stock long ago when building my first air hammer. 


I have a couple of roughly 3' pieces. If someone could use them whole, the price could be negotiated, since I wouldn't be spending hours cutting. 

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