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Brutal Nature

Alex Middleton

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Sitting here chilling in the AC and there was a commotion on the porch.  I looked out and saw a flurry of feathers and thought maybe a young bird had gotten himself trapped under the overhang.  Then I looked down and saw this:




Not something you get to see every day.  Quite a big meal for a little hawk.



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Try catching the site of an owl strike caught in the light of your headlights while driving a dark country road at night.  They're impressive but I'm sure the mouse, vole, or what ever wasn't impressed.



HELP...I'm a twenty year old trapped in the body of an old man!!!

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Long as I can remember growing up I wanted a pet hawk, thought it was just too cool.....

Got a bit of a wake-up call when friends picked up a hawk that broke it's wing in a collision with a car and kept it in their garage.


My friend's older brother had to catch it at some point and it opened him up right through a welding glove.....


Now I just love seeing them in nature, the smaller they are the more they intrigue me.


Very cool Alex

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I live on a dead end street in a cul-de-sac in the county, here in Florida. One day on my way in to town. I see this bird. I think it was a male Brown Thrasher. There is a female about six feet away. The ole boy is strutting his stuff! He is dancing, spreading his wings fully and kicking up the dirt in an attempt to impress the female. I was sitting in my truck, fully involved in watching the dance he was putting on. When all of the sudden a there was a hawk came diving in at full speed. Locked his talons on the small bird and began to peck him with its beak! 


All I could think was, I didn't see that coming, ........ and neither did he! Didn't see that coming.jpg

Mother nature and her creatures are amazing!!

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That's for sure.  I've seen hawks take rabbits and squirrels while out hunting.  I think the coolest part about this one was that it was literally 3ft away from where I was sitting.

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Birds of prey are unbelievably awesome. They are even more awe inspiring when you see them up close and personal.

I have had two close encounters. The first was while rock climbing in California at Taquitz Cliff. I was at the top of the cliff belaying my wife up the last pitch when a falcon chasing a small bird flew within a foot or two of my head. The sound was deafening as the black streak zoomed by. I heard that sound again while sitting in a ground blind hunting for deer. About 25 wild turkeys came into the tank for a drink. While they stood along the rim, I suddenly heard that noise as a brown eagle swooped down and tried to grab one of them. He missed, and the turkeys scattered squawking and cluttering in circles. I saw the eagle roost in the pine in front of me. Huge bird.

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Around the middle of July I went to take the car battery out of my old Nissan. Lifted up the hood and saw this image. Shortly after I'd seen the baby rabbit and assorted rabbit parts up pops the head of a weasel. As soon as it saw me it got out of Dodge lickade split.  Next time I look under that hood I'll have me a weasel getter. 


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