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Final Double Cross-draw, or "Sheath of the Dead"

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Final updated sheath, I've only tried tooling a couple dog collars previously, and trying to shape/wet mold the blades as well was a bit of a challenge, but I am pleased with where this project has taken me. My friend, an actor in many Renaissance Faires, who commissioned this, is happy as well..I believe I see a few more of these in my near future..m I know I still have so much to learn, but I enjoy that part more than most..Screenshot_20200720-231942_copy_1024x730_copy_256x183.pngIMG_20200720_215032_621_copy_1024x882.jpgIMG_20200721_141402_548_copy_1024x650.jpgIMG_20200720_224804_483_copy_1024x576.jpgIMG_20200720_224527_142_copy_1024x515.jpg

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