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Very old but new knife

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I just finished my new but old knife. OA 7 3/4" blade 3 3/4". The blade is a pre-civil war railroad spike that came with a certificate of authenticity. The bolsters are wrought iron from a very old tall ship anchor chain. I was able to score some highly fiqured birdseye maple that was salvaged from one of the great lakes. The handle was finished with twenty coates of superglue sanded and buffed. The wood is incredible to say the least with very dense birdseyes that you do not find in hardwoods that are available nowdays.



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Thanks guys for the feedback, I have only been making knives for about eight months now so I need alot of input. I used superquench on the blade and it did the trick. A file bounced off of the edge and it sharpended pretty good but not the same as a higher carbon steel would.


I swapped the picture for one that showed the handle better. That birdeye is some incredible wood that you have see in person to appreciate.

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