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Anvil ID, big horn big anvil

Kenon Rain.

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I only got about 1/4in under the entire anvil.  Can always pick her up and lay another heavy layer down. 


Alan's also probably got the easiest and simplest way to secure the anvil down that I used.  Get some heavy flat stock, lay it on top of the foot of the anvil, and let the bottom edge rest on the stump (or 4x4 bundle) at about a 45 degree angle.  Using that like a big washer put big lag screws through the flat stock and it holds very well. (he's probably got a pic that better shows what I'm attempting to explain.)


Its a really good simple way to hold down the anvil very tightly which also does not hang off the edges of the stump.  I've seen a lot of people strap and bolt their anvils down, Alan's method is just super simple.

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Well I got it finally, and weighed it. 200lb, have it pictures next to my friends 75lb nc farrier for scale. Really a beautiful anvil. Going to cut a solid oak log trapezoidal for a base and router out for the feet. Use some horse mat or something and bolt it all together 







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7 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

I'll repeat what I said on page 1: Score!  

Totally. That is an amazing acquisition. Let the fun begin!

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