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UK (England) Smiths knowledge of community needed.

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Good morning everyone,


I am brand new to this, just getting started and I am at a loss.


I am looking for a shared space to learn and forge in the North East of England (Lincolnshire) but I cannot find anywhere, I either don't have the right connections or I'm looking in the wrong places.

The only places I can find are industrial sites at £6k a year etc, or a small garage for £10 a week with no electrics and I'm not even sure I'd be allowed to work in the garage as its council owned.


My place is out too as the little lady won't let me do it in the outside garden area as shes worried about the noise and annoying the neighbours.


could anyone point me in the direction of a directory for shared spaces or put me in touch with anyone please?


thank you and I like the forum.



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Hi Kris


I don’t directly know of anywhere but you can try getting in touch with the British Artist Blacksmith’s Association (http://www.baba.org.uk/education-training-and-courses). They may know of a place. 


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Yes Kris, as Charles has said the BABA is the place to ask. I'd join the facebook group and put a post on there. There is almost certainly a good few guys and girls in your area who would likely either help out or know who can.

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