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wrought iron early medieval axes

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Great Moravian battle axe dated to early medieval (Viking Age). To forge it I used wrought iron and O2 steel, the eye is punch and drift, there are at least 4 different ways to get the same shape but in my opinion punching and drifting is the most accurate and historical proper. 

Tutorial is now available on my YT channel.


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Replica of the early medieval finds from Szurpiły (Poland), height 18.5 cm, weight 1.2 kg. I used the same technology as in the original find.

To forged it I used 3 pieces of material (two types of the wrought iron and modern tool steel on the edge).






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Very nice.


I love the figure in the wrought.

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The axe I forged last month. Copy of the F-type axe found in Birka grave 750. The weight of the corroded original is 1260 g. My replica has 1700 g, the size of both is the same: 180x222 mm. I used 19century wrought iron and old steel. The eye of the axe is folded and welded.


Before i started to forge i print it in scale.



To forge body of the axe i used 19cent. wrought iron round bar (part of the steam engine). Cutting age is 1045 steel




etching in nitric acid showed a very heterogeneous structure of the wrought iron (crystals up to 3 mm).






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