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Carcass Splitter, 'nothing to do with that other guy

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This is a piece from a couple of years ago.  A fellow ordered it and then dropped out of sight, so it hung on a hook.  I finally got up enough interest to finish it.  It still needs a bit of polish here and there and some more Tung oil.


OL 27"

BL 11

Steel 5160

stabilized walnut and curly maple


It's a total beast  chopped through 2x4's with no problem and no edge issues, cuts 2 inch alder saplings in a single stroke.  It is for sale, but I really don't know what to ask.


IMG_2139 (Medium).JPG

IMG_2140 (Medium).JPG

IMG_2141 (Medium).JPG

IMG_2143 (Medium).JPG


As usual, thanks for looking



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I've had the same thing happen upon occasion, a customer that just disappears, even once with a carcass splitter.  Very annoying to be sure, but I've been lucky to have other folks buy the abandoned blades in a timely fashion. Hope you don't have to wait for someone to snag yours.


I like how it turned out!  The scroll on the end is a nice touch.  :)



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