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Some of my stuff from the last yr or so. Over the last ten months I fell into my shed door u channel and hacked my right arm open then partially degloved my left arm at work which really has motivated me to forge more.


Hunter/utility 1084 steel antler handle







Bowie 1084 steel cow bone handle




Spike hawk forge from a ballpein hammer




EDC 1084 steel unknown Australian hardwood




Bowie 1084 steel unknown Australian hardwood




Pinhead the shop dog




Thanks for looking


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2 hours ago, Alex Middleton said:

Nice work!  The unkown Australian hardwood you used looks a lot like some of the Jarrah wood that I've picked up.  A pain to work with, but finishes really nicely.

Thanks mate. Pretty sure the first isn't Jarrah, It was collected in Victoria which I don't think Jarrah grows here. Second I have no idea where it was harvested so could be. And yes jarrahs definitely can be a pain.

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