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Short handled drifts. (Graphic images)

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This is going to touch on many points of safety. 

First is a short handled drift. The short handle causes your hand to be too close to the the impact point of the hammer. 


Second is not dressing the drift. This is an obvious one that is mentioned all the time. 


Third is if you are using a short handled drift like this one use tongs to hold it as you drive it through the workpiece.


Fourth is if you are using a drift with a striker....use tongs!!!


A combination of these things caused me a serious injury. Resized_20200820_154103.jpegResized_20200820_154121.jpegResized_20200820_155805.jpeg

this is today when I changed the dressing and let it air out for a few. The pruning of the hand makes it look even worse.Resized_20200821_111558.jpeg

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For a while I've decided to keep my hands clear of punched tooling.  I mostly did it to avoid burns, but that there is a ouch and a half. I started to transition to good set of tongs and a tong clip.  Can always make your top tools "rodded" as well.



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