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Hi Everybody. Just getting started into bladesmithing and am looking to buy an anvil. Just found a used anvil for sale locally but I don't know what kind it is or if it would be worth getting for bladesmithing. This is the only picture I have of it. I'm going to look at it tonight, but before I go it would be nice if i had an idea as to what brand it is and if it would be worth my time. The guy is asking $450 for it. Any and all help is very much appreciated, thanks in advance!




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It's cheap Chinese crap.  Run don't walk away.  Here's a thread on them:

You can get them for less than half of that if you insist on crap: https://www.ebay.com/itm/110LB-Blacksmith-Anvil-Steel-Anvil-50kg-Solid-Heat-Treated-Round-Horn-Metal-Work-/264525764751 Note that the description is a total lie.  This is obviously cast, not drop forged.  


Have you looked at this thread?


You don't absolutely need an anvil-shaped anvil.  

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