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A few years ago Alan gave me a pipe hawk handle blank which I never got around to making a head for. It's my dad's birthday on Thursday and he smokes a pipe, and has a few pipe hawks he's made from hatchets,, so I decided to make a head to fit the handle and give them to him to finish up. I planned to make it from mild steel, but I couldn't find a suitable piece, so I used wrought. Had a bunch of problems because a.) I was running out of gas, b.) I don't have a drift, and c.) my forge doesn't really get hot enough to weld wrought to itself unless everything is tight and ground clean, which isn't really an option with a hawk head...


So, it's a bit smaller than I'd wanted, the eye is a bit dodgy - freehanding a hawk eye is tricky - , and the bit moved during welding so there's a bit of a gap behind it... but it survived heat treat and is soaking in vinegar to clean the scale and flux from the eye before I file it clean.  Anyway, this is what I got:


tomahawk 2.jpg

tomahawk 4.jpg

tomahawk 3.jpg


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That has got a nice shape to it, and I do like the false edge on the underside that gives it that impression of a 'Spur'.

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