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Hello everyone,


I plan on making a few saya-nomi soon, and I thought there might be some interest from the bladesmiths on this forum.

The price will be around  100 euro/ 118 dollar, and I have no problems shipping all over the world.


These curved push chisels have a very special geometry which makes them ideal and very fast for hollowing out wooden scabbards in japanese swords making.

I use mine on almost all wood cored handles and sheaths,it is also ideal for making sword and seax handles.

I wouldn't want to be without one in my shop,  and since they are hard to find in the west I figured I'd make some.


These are very sharp and I will make some walnut handles.

For me a 20mm wide chisel like in the pictures works best, but If you want a special size let me know.

So if anyone wants one, plaese let me know, and I'll make one for you.





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12 hours ago, Paul Estes said:


Totally forgot to update here.

I actually have two ready now! the third and sixth chisel from the top in the picture below.

These are 22mm wide and really sharp.


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