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does anyone use$50.99 hydraulic pump from Northern tool?

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Brian,I do like those coal and iron ones.I am using a single stage pump in mine.I decided I dont want to have to develop a feel for the second squeeze.Its crazy, I was recently looking through their web site looking at what center they used!

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You only need one gage I used 2 because I had to set the pressure on my regeneration valve.  A larger rated valve should not be and issue unless it is really over rated. Something with 1/2 inch ports will be fine.


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Have you even seen this in action? I have a vane pump that will give me 3.77 GPM my bore is 4" and 1.375" rod.I know the ideal regen ratio is 2:1 what would happen with this spool in my system?


Model LS3060 Rapid Extend Log Splitter.htm

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