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Boat Rebuild

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Here's a shot of it on the new custom trailer (the old one was falling apart). This boat wasn't really designed to be trailered, so it required cutting custom bunks to conform to the hull.




Also, some shots of the old engine being lifted out in preparation for the new engine install. The engine is a 110 HP Yanmar. Link below. New transmission, cutlass bearing, and dripless shaft seal are also being installed. 







Note the hole cut in the roof to remove the engine. That is being converted into a hatch/skylight.




This work is being done by a shop called "Boat Works of Alaska" in their heated warehouse over the Winter. In May the rebuild of the interior begins. New water tanks/lines, diesel furnace, new wiring, inverter, solar panels, etc. My goal is the get the "infrastructure" done this Summer and then start on the "pretty" phase (woodworking, upholstery, etc.) in Summer of 2022. 


What will be interesting is that I'll have to occasionally put the boat in the water to see how the new equipment installation is affecting her stability. I plan on moving the location of the batteries, water tanks, etc. from original design, so some counter ballast may be required.


Anyway, just thought I'd share the progress. 


Hope you all are well.





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Fantastic Dave. What a story of rebirth this is.

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