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Mammen Axe - more details, please?

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I am curious if anyone has detailed measurements and weight of the Mammen Axe. I have not looked at my books yet but online information is sparse. Basically:


Økse fra Mammen, C133


Length 17.5 cm


If anyone of you has more details, I would appreciate it.


Here is a photo of a reconstruction I took many many years ago:


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My books tell me:


"Sie gehört zu der Gruppe der Breitäxte des 10. Jahrhunderts, die besonders für 
Dänemark kennzeichnend ist. Die Höhe dieser Axt von Mammen beträgt 18 cm, die 
Schneidenlänge 11 cm, die Helmlänge 2,6 cm. Die dreieckigen Schaftlochlappen sind 
etwas beschädigt, sonst ist die Axt sehr gut erhalten und — das muß vor allem betont 
werden — auf beiden Seiten mit Gold und Silber verziert. Das Übereinstimmende 
mit den früher besprochenen verzierten Äxten ist zunächst das Vorhandensein der 
Hohlkehle auf beiden Seiten unterhalb der Schaftlochpartie, die mit Gold belegt ist. 
Kreuzweise sind Hohlkehlen zu beiden Seiten des Helmes angebracht, die auch wohl 
mit Gold belegt waren und die Flächen in je vier Felder aufteilten 2 )"


Height: 18cm; Blade length: 11cm; Poll length: 2.6cm.

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If you're still in touch with Jeff Pringle I'd ask him.  I've seen pics of the original on this site, and I've seen arguments by idiots trying to say the grooves on the eye are proof that the Danes were tying the heads on their axes with leather thongs, but that's about it.  If I come across anything else I'll be sure to post it!

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3 hours ago, nprovos said:

The groves were also overlaid with gold according to "Axt und Kreuz" where I got the text from. It would be odd to the cover them up with leather thongs :-)

Only an idiot would do so.

Beautiful piece of work that one there.

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One only has to take a quick look at that piece to realize that it was a treasured piece! The amount of work and time it must have taken to complete is a testament to quality of the engraving! 




 nprovos I am unsure as to call you Niels or the avatar name but this piece really speaks to me! I assuming by following your work you may be about to make a copy of the piece. If that is so I would love to follow the process! 


If you find or have any more info on this piece I would love to see it! Was this a piece that someone was buried with or do they think it was carried into battle. The workmanship Vs the date of the piece shows that even in that period of time the quality was there!! This was and is still is a fantastic piece of work! This is not just a run of the mill piece! 


So I did a little research on the piece and came up with this




It still leaves me hungering for more info!! 


Økse fra Mammen

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Jeff Pringle says he has scaled photos......somewhere.

He found them and provided a photo and a scaled drawing (1/4" grid)

He also said he remembered it being fold/weld construction not punch/drift.


Mammen Axe 3.jpg


Mammen Axe 2.jpg

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Hi, Im debuting with a necropost here -hope its still relevant.


I have worked with a reconstruction of this axe for a while now. A friend wanted a good reproduction to do the inlays on. The millimeter precision desired proved quite a challenge with traditional methods, so it took me an embarrassing number of attempts.


Vegard Vike has an interesting tweet on it here:



We discussed it and agree that the common reconstruction of the langets is probably wrong. One of them has a flat unbroken edge, so its likely that they were all like that. This fits the Petersen L type , which it also shares blade shape and thickness with. More details in the tweet.

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Welcome, Anders!  That looks like an unsupported file format.  Can you convert it to .jpg or similar?


I like your avatar. :)

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Thank you! I have lurked for a long time, but thought I might have something to add today.


The drawing is in Vegards tweet as well, so Ill just edit it out.


Well, you know - had to do a bit better than tinfoil ;)

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