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First One In A While

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Hello all,


This is the first knife I've finished in quite some time now. Havent had much shop time lately. Naturally, it shows flaws from me being a bit rusty. 


I did the stock removal and HT about a year ago, and then it sat on my bench, but I finally finished it. 


Made from AEB-L, i dont remember the specs of the HT, though i remember giving it a cryogenic bath in pure ethanol (race car fuel) and dry ice.


Handle is ebony and purple heart with blue and green spacers and 303 stainless pins. 


12 inches long overall, about a 7.5 inch blade, 305 mm and 190 mm, respectively. Its insanely light due to the fact that it's only about .070" at the rear of the spine (1.7 mm) tapering to zero at the tip. Flexible, but stiff. 


Let me know what you think. 













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Thank you, gentlemen. 


On 9/5/2020 at 8:28 AM, Alan Longmire said:

How is the AEB-L to finish?


In my experience, it takes a little more work during sanding then you would expect of a carbon steel. Enough that it is noticable. 


I assume this is due to all the alloying elements, or perhaps my HT process was off and I had excessive carbides left over as a result.


I will say that once all the fine sanding is done, it takes a polish very nicely. Again, noticeably different then carbon steels. It seems it took less time at the buffer then normal to achieve the same mirror finish. 


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Thanks!  I am finding I want to move into stainless for certain knives, and AEB-L looks like what I want.  I have played with some of the supersteels like CPM-154, and they take all the fun out of finishing.  I appreciate your opinion on it. 

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Of course! Glad I can help.


It's definitely a different beast. I've made half a dozen or so stainless blades, and you can usually tell the difference just in the way it acts, though it will of course depend on the exact alloy. 


I dont even like hearing the acronym CPM, it makes my wrist hurt imagining all the sanding! :lol:

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