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I have one I have been using and it has always run and cut true! I bought some new blades a while back. Every since I got the five blades I have had trouble when your tension the blade it immediately makes the blade turn to the left. 


I had become convinced that something was wrong with the say so I disassembled the thing and spend tow days working on with little success! I did discover that since the blades have run in that catawopased left hand turn it has caused premature wear on the lower blade guides. So now I need to replace them!


However today I put the last one of them blades on and even though I had improved the turn. It was still there!!


Then it hit me, I never had any problem with the saw at all until I started running that order of blades. I now believe that all of them are a tiny bit undersized! The blades are supposed to be 32 7/8". Lets say they are 32 3/4" or less. You would be able to put the blade on but when tensioned the blade the tensioner would not be over come the short length of the blade!! 


Has anyone ever run into a bad batch of blades???????

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