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First time ever casting anything. Ruined 2 crucibles and It all looks like crap but it was a lot of fun.20200911_201404.jpgResized_20200911_120418.jpegResized_20200911_204800.jpeg

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Fun Stuff!!:lol:
I got to cast Bronze signet rings for a friend's wedding party and I ruined more wax and bronze than I care to admit, lol!
I still like to play around with copper though, its nice to consolidate the scraps into those big bars

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23 hours ago, Joshua States said:

How big is the first one, and what is the second one?

I made a second one. My hand for size reference. This one was made using Kinetic sand for my mold. The first one was made using a clay mold that still had some moisture in it which caused all kinds of defects. If I was to take my time and actually tried making a mold with real green sand I could see it working out nicely.Resized_20201008_220437.jpeg

The second picture is just a copper billet I cast and while still hot I took it to the power hammer.

Tomorrow I will get pictures of some of the molds I have. 

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That's a great start. There is also Delft Clay for casting. That's what I have used.

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