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The Lady Wife and I have been building a deck. The deck is nearly as big as the square footage of the house. It's been mostly weekends but she does have vacation time she needs to burn, so we took this last week to work on it. It's been in the 80's and 90's but the smoke haze dropped the temps into the 60's, good construction weather, if you don't need to breath.
As I was cutting deck boards I found one with a ton of staples in it. I pulled my EDC to pry them out. I then thought about what most people would think about using this blade as a pry tool
Random damascus, silver pins, elk slabs. Looks pretty good for being abused day in, day out, for 7 years.
I'll make you one like it for $500
IMG_20200912_111602020 (Medium).jpg
IMG_20200912_111606595 (Medium).jpg
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Nothing says quality like standing the test of time. Nice knife to boot.

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