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First knife ever made.

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So this is my first knife I've even tried to make. I'm very new to the creat and am excited to learn more. But definitely want to be able to show the improvements from where I'm at now. So here you guys go. Don't have process pictures which I need to get good about taking. But here's the result as of now


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Can you tell us about the processes you used to get it this far since we don't have pictures? :)  Also, can we get more pictures of the knife in general to get a sense of how it looks in hand and at different angles?

In the Spirit of "Design and Critique" here is some thoughts, take them as you will :)  

-The bevel looks decently consistent, although it looks like you may have a burr still attached to your edge, or possibly just a very shiny micro bevel.  Either way the edge looks like it has some small chips in it that need addressed either with a finer grit abrasive or a strop to get rid of the burr.

-I'm not sure if the bevel was done with a file or grinder, but the tip appears to have been rounded down a little.  This is common with too aggressive material removal in the tip area (I'm still guilty of it sometimes..:wacko:), I've found I just need to be very intentional about grinding/filing the bevel near the tip 
-As for the handle, 2 things: 1) If you're set on paracord handles(I like a good wrapped handle every now and again), I suggest doing a quick google search for how-to's on that and pick a favorite. As many options as you could possibly want. If this is your preferred method I would suggest gutting the cord(can't tell from the pictures if it is) and possibly applying something to rigidize it like 5 minute epoxy or super glue or similar  2) Really though, I would suggest you find some scrap wood and practice applying scales to a full tang or doing a hidden/stub tang with a block; these will give you infinitely more options than paracord as you continue to make knives. Even just scrap firewood can help you dip your feet in, but in all honesty some decent walnut from a big-box hardware store is not super expensive.

- As for the shape of the knife we all start with that shank style, so don't be worried about it but definitely keep moving forward with your designs and blade shapes.  Don't be afraid to try weird stuff, and know you're not alone in thinking it might work (nothing new under the sun, someone somewhere sometime thought it would be cool LONG before you did).  Keep your eyes open on this forum, and keep your eyes and ears extra wide open at any hammer-ins or bladesmith/blacksmith meetings you may attend with local groups.


Congrats on getting so far as to post on the forum, it takes guts to put work out for critiques.  Never lose that.

Can't wait to see the next one :) 

PS: Listen to the guys here, they know more than you or I could ever fathom:ph34r:

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