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Some kind of longish dagger wip

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While I was beginning on another sword I threw this piece of steel I with it and wanted to see how long I could draw it out with no real plans as usual.


Ended up with a 46cm long blade and way to big of a tang.


Also decided that I will to most of the stock removal with a file as I just got some fresh big mill files and I actually think it's going faster than with the belt grinder :lol:


Haven't fully decided yet what kind of hilt will go on it. First thought was a Swiss baselard type but the do feel rather plain and I kind of want to try something challenging.







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On 10/5/2020 at 2:19 AM, Bjorn Gylfason said:

I kind of want to try something challenging.

With that length of blade, maybe a little extra weight in the handle and use a frame design?

Looks good so far. Eager to see your progress.

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I must confess progress has been much slower than planned. Had to start working construction again for the time being along with other things and unnervingly low energy levels leaving me only precious few hours a week in the workshop.


That aaaand I might have gotten distracted and started on a great big sabre as well:rolleyes:


But have been slowly refining the shape with draw filing and planning to heat treat both of these blades at the same time.


One week I've been leaning towards a Swiss style baselard grip the other I've been looking at pictures of ale house daggers and even though the blade profile doesn't exactly fit those I am quite tempted 


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I've been enjoying this thread.  Thanks!


That looks like the exact amount of bend I used to keep in my sport fencing saber :) 


It is a nice clean curve.  No kinks.  Should come out easy enough.

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18 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

A wise smith once told me that half the art of swordsmithing is correcting warps.  B)


Lol yes it definitely is :lol:


I think my problem was that my oil drum heat treating furnace just isn't long enough for the stuff I make and the tip had been touching the bottom. I'll have to get another oil drum to extend it soon as I have sillier sized things in mind for the future.


But the bend came out easy enough while tempering. This could have been tricky though as in this spot there is no flat but bevels on all sides. 






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Did manage to do a little bit of work on them this evening


Was eying the dagger and it wasn't quite as straight as I first thought so it got flexed a bit in the vise. Still the tiniest of a curve in it so next time I have time it will get the torture devices.


Slotted a piece for the crossguard of the sabre. Fits very tight but far far away from dimensions yet as I haven't still completely decided on what kind of guard I'm doing for it. Probably side rings and some fanciness




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