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Your very last blade?

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I was thinking a day or so ago, that if I could only make one more blade ever, what would it be and why? 

For me it would have to be a kukri to, for the simple reason I've never made one, and getting the angles Corect so it looks authentic would push my skills and probably my patience to the limit 

I'm interested to what you're "last" blade would be, and why?? 

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Since I made my first knife in the late 60's I have been obsessed with knife design for field use where ease of use and comfort in hand have been the drivers of every design I have cemented into my pattern stock. The last few years have bought kitchen and eating knives to my attention and in particular I have been trialing table (eating) knives so if it was the last knife I made I would want it to be something I would use every day and nothing would complement that more than a good table knife so that is where my thought are right now. I made another one a couple of weeks back in a slip cover to take to the city where we go every week and have our mid day meal while we are there. I carry that table knife as the ones the hotel have are not as comfortable in hand (or sharp) as those I make for myself and this one has a stone washed 15N20 blade with impala jigged buffalo horn handles over blue liners.

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For me it would be a tanto knife with a mosaic damascus pattern simply because I have not made one yet...

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