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New Bowie and projects in the works.


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Hey All,


Been stupid busy lately working, fixing everything I own, and surviving.  So not much time in the shop.   I did manage to get this one finished though.


Had this guy sitting on the bench for a year or so.    Band saw blade, File, leaf spring, drill rod, 15n20, 1095 and 52100.   Probably some kitchen sink too.

A little over 9" blade,  stainless guard.  Iron wood handle.   Elk/Couch hide sheath.   Was going for a slim profile.   My pictures suck.





It is the big brother of this one  below I did a while back:





Few things are better than the sound of cutting...  Plus a better view of the pattern...




Also, got another long blade forged out and ground.   Around 30" overall, my attempt at a wakazashi.



Still needs heat treating, along with 4 other long blades.   Which is what led to the start of this project:




That's the inner core of a free water heater I scored.  Stand's around 4'.    Got the insulation still sitting in the box in the wakazashi pic, enough for 1" all around (maybe?).    May need some more satanite, and am undecided if I want to use my existing 3/4" venturi, which I'm not sure is big enough, use one of my 1" chili burners, or altogether build a new burner.  Any thoughts on the matter ?    


Thoughts and comments always welcome.

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