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Another Recurve Bowie

clint c

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Hello, this one commissioned as a gift for a husband who apparently really liked the Alone bowie I did awhile ago.   Unfortunately I have run out of W-2 and so used 80CRV2 on this one.  I explained to the customer that the hamon would not be pronounced as a result of the alloys but she was agreeable.  Had to use a layer of clay twice as thick to get this, which really isn't a true hamon anyway, but the customer is happy. There is a bunch of alloy banding present in the "soft" area, which looks pretty neat also, but hard to capture in a pic. Clint

A Bowie 4.JPG



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Wow, that is beautiful Clint. I love the darker hue of the blade, the spine geometry by the tip, and especially the elegant curve. What kind of wood? What an awesome package!


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