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Bronze Age,halberds- Stabdolch-Staffdagger,berło sztyletowe(scepter dagger).


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For a long time I have been collecting materials on the construction of these .... interesting things from the early era of bronze from Europe.
In English-language literature they are called halberds, in German-language Stabdolch-staffdagger, in Polish-language scepter dagger, and disputes about their purpose continue to this day.
It is known for sure that they were symbols of power, it is assumed, after the surviving Irish specimens, that they could also be used in combat .......
I made two specimens: one, the one with three pseudo-rivets, continental based on finds from the Unetica culture (2300-1700B.C) from the areas of today's Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic.
The four-rivet, wide-bladed one is modeled on Irish finds also from the Bronze Age.
They are about 60 cm long, and the metal parts are made of tin bronze and are about 20 cm long.
Materials: tin bronze, copper, oak wood, shellac.







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.. such .... "Leader set" from the Bronze Age: a halberd (a sign of power), a dagger and a knife.
Everything is lined with several hundred years old black oak.
The halberd (dagger scepter Polish) is 65 cm long, the blade is 27 cm.Find from England
The dagger is 31.5 cm long and weighs 200 grams.Find from France.
The knife is 27 cm long and weighs 100 grams.Find from Switzerland.





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