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My Kith 2020 contribution

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Hello all. I chose summer as a season and every summer means a trip to any beach, (not too crowded), usually Florida. Even as a kid, first minute on arrival...... gotta go to the oceans edge. Well, 68 years old now and that hasn’t changed. Just something about see the coastline up close in all directions.

So I chose something of a diver’s knife design, with synthetic scales the resemble the colors of a wave crashing the shore. I put a long curved wedge to simulate the natural curve seen along any shoreline. I had a “horse sheet” idea to tie that swedgeline through the hardware. Like I said “a horse sheet” idea, which got nixed when I came to my senses! The hardware is NS 3/16 thick, cut in reducing sizes, then sanded into tapered wedges and soldered together giving some reference to shell bearing creatures. I added a museum finish at guard and pommel.

Tang is too long for me but the knife had good heft and feel, so it isn’t felt. I only have some early sketches and one photo showing the pommel before attaching.

Comments are welcome. I hope the knife will please it’s new owner. I really enjoy doing this Kith stuff with all of you each year.

Gary LT






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Forgot sketch’s
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Thanks Brian. Not all that easy as I used same temp solder but o got a good uniform seal on every piece.


Gary LT

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