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Three of a kind

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Last year I did a set of three skinners for a customer and he immediately ordered three more.


Apologies for the pathetic photography, but here's what I came up with:


all three.jpg


all three2.jpg








I used 1084, bone slabs with G-10 liners, and brass pins. 600 grit finish.


Sheaths were hand sewn, stained with iron acetate, sealed with bee's wax.


This is not my preferred style of knife, but this is probably the best fit & finish I have  pulled off to date.


The whole duplication thing is not really something I'm crazy about, but it is very good exercise for all the skill sets.


Fun, but glad it's over.









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This gives me a new respect for the guys that do production work by hand. I like the free-style creativity of a "one off" piece, but I'm very ocd about making duplicates match exactly. I can easily drive myself batty. I'm just getting in to the whole Dykem, granite slab, and scribe routine. I love precision, but my Grizzly grinder is the most advanced tool I currently own. I start getting visions of surface grinders, end mills and such, then I have to snap myself back to reality.

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Wonderful work Don. Everything I make is one of a kind because there is no way I can match blades like you have done. 

ps. There’s nothing wrong with those photos!

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Great work on those Don. Are they perfect duplicates, no. Will anyone but you really care, also no. 

When I was starting out, I had a similar experience. I made a knife for a buddy of mine and he took it with him when he went back to Mississippi to visit relatives. He came back without it, and an order for 3 more. I eventually ended up making 6 of them for his friends and family.

Carry on.

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