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How many pieces does it take to make a Scandi type hidden tang ?

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So got to ask what is the black material. Is it just black spacer material?? 


The reason I ask is it occurred to me the heat build up between the two materials could be problematic when grinding down to shape!! Or is that what you are talking about all the filing!


Filing to finish to avoid the heat issue in doing the final finish!!!

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Hi Cal. What sort of speed were you grinding this at? I tend to have to stop shy and go to hand tools as I melt my spacers a little on the grinder.


Nice knife BTW

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Charles my grinder only has one speed  and that would be  5 x 3.14 x 1750 x 1/12 = 2289 ft/min

The key is to use a new sharp belt as an old one will tend to burn the spacer material especially if it is next to a SS spacer it really get hot in a hurray.


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