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2020 KITH entry

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In the spirit of trying doing things you've never done before, my kith contribution is a broken back seax with a sheath. While I have made a seax knife before, I still learned an emense amount from this build. The damascus is made by Audra Draper, but from forging to sharpening it has all been done by me in my shop which makes it the first damascus knife I have completed, start to finish, in my shop without direct supervision.  

What was really uncharted territory for me was making a traditional sheath. My leatherwork is definitely my weak point, and undertaking this project stretched my skills quite a bit. This sheath bears my first attempts at not only a traditional seax sheath, but also carving and dying leather.

For the seasons theme this knife represents fall. The 124 layer random pattern symbolises how the leaves fall to the ground in random array, the antler represents the colder weather (snow if you live up north like me) and the brazillian ebony is for how the leaves change color. If you aren't familiar with the wood, it oxidizes from a rather golden color to dark brown. The sheath's red and gold color scheme and leaf carving is also part of the symbolism. Although it wasn't intentional, the uneven dye turned out to give it a slightly wood-like apearance, which fits well with my theme.

This whole project turned out to be way harder than I expected, but I am happy to say that though I had to redo the handle and brass fittings half a dozen times, it has turned out entirely functional and even a tad bit pretty.







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