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Hatchax build Steeled wrought iron 7 video series

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As many here know I am JLP Services Inc and have a YouTube channel. 

This past spring I wanted a new hatchax (light hatchet head on longer handle) so filmed the process.  

I started out with some mystery metal as the outside and figured it was wrought iron as I worked it.  Very coarse stacked layup bar with a bunch of layers in it that were not solid. 

Once I figured out what it was I had to change the method I usually use and will be covered in a Felling ax build on some future videos. 

I  started a thread on the Hatchet on BSF some time ago and the video was finally edited. 

There are 7 videos. 

Here is number 1.


Part 2   Weld prep and 5160 insert prep



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Part 3  Massaging the eye..  

It's how I get such a great weld up at the eye seam. 


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Part 4 Change in design... 

The wrought iron was so course it would not forge out worth a dang..  So, I had to wait to shape the cutting edge till the 5160 was fully welded in.. 

Doing this keeps the wrought iron from splitting up as the steel will help hold the fibers together. 



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Part 5:  Hand finishing..   


Most of the items made are hand finished..  Not only do I enjoy hand work, but being the current shop is a portable demonstration trailer.. It has limited electric and well not much room.  :) 



Part 6:  Heat treatment 

Was interesting seeing the wrought iron and steel oxidize at 2 different rates..   


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Part 7:   Hafting

in this last series I fit a handle.. Explain my process some and why I do what I do.  

I actually prefer the hatchet black after heat treatment, but today it is very popular to etch for the contrast and since that is what is popular I etched it. 

Its neat seeing how coarse the wrought iron really is and also seeing the forged grain structure..  

It shows a lot about how the grain and stranding is separated and sheared..  Kind a neat for sure. 


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thanks guys.   Sadly was not as straight forwards because of the funky wrought iron but it sure was challenging and fun to forge. 

I have a felling ax video in the works that shows the method I usually use..  

Alan, I film all larger projects in the hopes of putting out "How to" DVDs  but then lose interest. 

The New shop is coming along so once its completed I'll look at it more seriously. 

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