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5 hours ago, Rob Toneguzzo said:

Wow. You could get a kayak for that and give it a go yourself. That being said I am not sure where you are and what waters and if a kayak would be appropriate. I sure can’t use one where I am.

I agree Rob. I see kayaks in the summer but not much in the winter. The problem is the water is coming from a deep mountain lake and runs around 50*F varying little year round. A dip in the summer is shocking, a dip in the winter is a life threatening emergency. The draw for this river is a study some years back indicated 9500 fish per mile!


I think what shocks me about the price is comparing the equipment and an experts time for a day to the equipment many of us have and the fact that some of us could be considered expert. I guess not many of us could make that rate in a days time and some of us have several times invested in our shops and equipment what the cost of a drift boat and tackle would be. Sometimes I think too much.


Another cost I avoid with the jet boat is shuttle service. The drift boat people have to pay locals to move their truck and trailer from their put in point to their take out point while they are on the river.

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