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House guest activities

Joshua States

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A buddy of mine is on a walkabout. (technically, I think it's a drive-about) He's been using our place as a base for a while and we spent some time in the shop together. 

Liz suggested we make a firepit/fire bowl out of one of the well bladder tanks, so we got Adam set up.

First up, the angle grinder.

grinder V2.jpg


Then he got to play with the plasma cutter


Plasma V2.jpg


Liz supervised designing the decorations, but he had free choice as to what they would be.


Cut outs V2.jpg


Finally he welded up the grate for the bottom.


Welser (1) V2.jpg


He got to play with the 2x72 grinder in there somewhere too. We will give it a test run tomorrow night.

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The only bad experience is the one from which you learn nothing.  





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Very nice.


My first forge was the top of a bladder tank. The base served me as a burn barrel for many years.

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